August 2014, it is the first time that the city aroused an advisory to its residents in the west side of Flint to boil their water. Fecal coliform bacterium has been detected in their water supply. The high amount of chlorine was raised in the water and cleaned the system. September 2014, the city issued another boil-the-water advisory for having another positive test result. The contamination of this kind of bacteria in the water is also a warning or sign. Coli bacteria or other disease-causing microorganisms. The city officials announced that they would clean the pipes and add more chlorine to the water.

Follow the timeline of where it all started and know where the situation is at present. April 16, 2013, eager to varicobooster save money, flints city councils voted 7-1 to join the karegnondi water Authority (KWA) where a new pipeline project will deliver water from lake huron. This will end its contract with Detroit. State Treasurer, Andy dillon, with the city councils recommendation, authorizes Flint to make the water switch, where water begins drawing from the Flint river. Emergency manager Ed Kurtz officially signed the agreement. This was projected to save the city with 19 million over eight years and has been agreed by the state. Effective april 2014, the detroit Water and Sewerage department (dwsd) will terminate its water service contract with Flint. April 2014, the water switch from Detroits system to Flint river is considered temporary while the city waits to connect to a new regional water system. The move was made as an economical measure for the struggling, majority-black city. The shift was delayed for days because workers had to complete the construction of a disinfectant system at a treatment plant. Soon after the switch, residents began complaining about the smell, taste and appearance of the water, and raise health concerns like skin rashes, hair loss and concerns about bacteria and other problems.

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Cities with at least 65,000 residents, Flint has the nation's highest poverty hals rate. An estimated 58 of the residents under age 18 live below the poverty line compared to a national average of 18 which ranks first in the childhood poverty base from. Michigan's 2016 median household income data. The trouble began about 3 years ago when the city decided to switch from Detroits water system to the Flint river but the new system wouldnt be ready for two years. For the meantime, to save and cut costs they switched to the Flint river water, and that decision turned out to be a mistake. Foul smells, bad tastes and discoloured water, thats what came out of the tap in Flint, michigan when residents drinking water was pulled from the river. When the residents noticed that the tap water looked and smelled strange, it was later found out to have dangerous level of lead. The worse thing was, the state knew about it and did nothing. A high number of children had abnormal levels of lead in their blood. This even doubled after 18 months.

flint water crisis started
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Humans can live 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Therefore, water is indeed important. But, what if your water was poison? This is exactly what happened. Flint, michigan about three years ago. The city has a population of around 99,700 and located 70 miles zwaluw north of Detroit. According to 2016 data from the. Census Bureau, among.

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What exactly went wrong. Flint —and what does it mean for the rest of the country? Airing may 31, 2017 at 9 pm on pbs. Aclarity, llc (formerly ElectroPure) is a startup started at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst that designs, tests, and develops innovative water. Local news, weather, sports, information and video for Saginaw, Flint, midland and bay city, michigan from wnem tv5 News. Unlike humic acids, whose molecules are large and complex, fulvic acid is composed of very small molecules which can access tiny deposits of toxicity that the humic and zeolite alone cannot reach. Doctors told him there was nothing else they could do and to look into hospice solutions for her as she was in bed all the time and didn't have long to live.

flint water crisis started
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